Nepalis evacuated from China tested negative of coronavirus

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Kathmandu, March 2

Nepalis evacauted from China under quarantine at Nepal Electricity Authority Training Center, Kharipati have been tested negative of coronavirus.
"All 175 Nepalis were tested negative of COVID-19," said Dr Bikash Devkota, spokesperson at Ministry of Health and Populaiton.
All of them have left for their home today.
Throat swab and nasal samples were collected from the Nepalis on Saturday for the second time. Earlier on February 16 the samples were collected immediately after their arrival from China. All the Nepalis underquarantine had tested negative in the first round of test. 

Nasal and throat swabs collected from Nepalis in quarantine were examined in National Public Health Laboratory, Teku.
The government had airlifted 134 males and 41 females from Wuhan, Enshi, Shiyan, YIchang, JIngmen and Jingzhou of China on February.

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