Walking 10,000 steps is good for weight loss

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Kathmandu, January 4

Researches claim that walking 10,000 steps is good for weight loss and overall health.

In a study done in 35 adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 31.7–44.9, participants received dietary counseling and gradually increased their daily steps until reaching 10,000. After the 6-month intervention, participants’ BMIs significantly decreased by 3.7%, as per the Healthline.

Actually, walking regularly has many benefits as it is an easy and cost-effective form of physical activity. Similarly, walking enough steps each day could benefit people's health by reducing your risk of depression, aiding in weight management, and improving brain health, bone health, and overall quality of life.

For last few years, walking 10,000 steps per day has become a popular recommendation used to promote regular physical activity.

Experts claimed that it is not easy to measure exactly how many calories one burn by taking 10,000 steps because each person likely burns a different number of calories every time they take those steps because the number of calories you burn through physical activity is affected by many factors, including weight, genetics, and the pace and terrain on which one walk.

However, walking 10,000 steps each day appears to be one way to improve overall health and wellness.

Research, who conducted on walking programs, also suggested that it is a safe and effective exercise that may aid weight loss and improve overall health.

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Last modified on 2020-11-03 05:30:18

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