Meditation and mindfulness training could lower blood pressure

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Kathmandu, January 2

A recent study claimed that meditation and mindfulness training could help in reducing high blood pressures.

Researchers published their study in the journal PLOS One claiming that there is anecdotal evidence that meditation and mindfulness training may be able to reduce high blood pressure and hypertension.

As per the Medical News Today, the authors report the results of a Mindfulness-Based Blood Pressure Reduction (MB-BP) program specifically designed to "evaluate acceptability, feasibility, and effects on hypothesized proximal self-regulation mechanisms."

According to the researchers, the participants who enrolled in the MB-BP program experienced significant reductions in blood pressure levels that were still in effect at follow-up examinations one year after the trial.

Hypertension is a significant risk factor for heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and globally. However, doctors are finding it challenging to treat hypertension.

"We know enough about hypertension that we can theoretically control it in everybody — yet in about half of all people diagnosed, it is still out of control," said lead author Eric Loucks as quoted by Medical News Today.

Last modified on 2020-01-03 10:17:22

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