A rememberance to cornea donors

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December 28, Kathmandu
Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology today organised a mass condolence ceremony in memory of deceased cornea donors.
The event was held to express gratitude to the cornea donors.
Speaking amidst an event held in the Capital on Saturday Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority Kulman Ghising pledged to donate his cornea posthumously and added that one needs eyesight to see the electric lights.
“Cornea donation programme began with one person donating his cornea some 25 years ago. Over 1,000 persons have donated cornea till now. It is the effort of our Eye Bank to make it possible. We have been able to make cornea available all across the country,” said Dr Sanduk Ruit, executive director of the institution.
Adding he said, “There is no harm in donating cornea. There are no religious and cultural issues in it.” Dr Ruit added.
More than 75000 persons have pledged to donate cornea according to TIO.

Last modified on 2019-12-31 12:37:54

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