Doti district hospital facing shortage of doctors to conduct autopsies

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Doti, December 11
District Hospital, Doti has been facing an acute shortage of trained doctors to conduct autopsies. The positions of the medical doctors who used to conduct autopsies became vacant after they were transferred from the health centres in employee adjustment process.
From among the four positions for the medical doctors to conduct autopsies in the hospital currently there is no one available. 
Bhushan Mishra who was given the responsibility for conducting post-mortem in the hospital was transferred to Kathmandu in the employee adjustment process. After his transfer none of the medical officers have been appointed in the vacant posts to conduct autopsies here. As a result the people here are forced to take the dead bodies away for post mortem.
Recently a four month’s child Praveen Malla died in Joriyal. The child was immunised earlier on Tuesday in Ghanteshwor Health Post. His body was brought for post mortem in the hospital. But as there were no doctors to conduct the child's post mortem the kin of the child took his body to Dadeldhura Hospital where too there were no trained doctors to conduct autopsies. Later, the child's post mortem was done in Kailali district.

Last modified on 2019-12-11 22:04:40

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