How to make our mind Healthy?

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“How do you take care of your mind?” You eat healthy food, exercise regularly, take medicines when required and think how can you keep your body ‘healthy & fit” but “what activities do you do to make your mind healthy?”

Everyone should think about this question today because mental health issues are growing everyday in our country and all over the world. The mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, panic attack and suicide are becoming more common these days. One of the prominent reasons for such issues is increased level of stress in our daily life. Stress management is one of the key measures to keep our mind healthy. As we all know, “Prevention is better than cure”. It is relevant question to think “How can we take care of our mind and keep it healthy as we take care of our body?”

I would like to share few strategies in this article based on studies and own life experience.

Positive approach to life: Try to plant positive thoughts in your mind and try to see every aspect of life in positive way. If you are experiencing certain stressful situation, go through deep thought process and find the alternative solutions and choose the best one. Every problem in our life comes with solution, we just have to go deep to tap into our intuition to find that solution.

Cleansing of our mind: We can cleanse our mind everyday through meditation. Let’s take an example, if we don’t clean our room every day, our room starts to look dirty and messy. Similarly, if we don’t clean our mind every day, our mind gets filled with restless and negative thoughts at the end of the day through exposure to various stressful environment throughout the day. Meditation helps to remove stressful & negative thoughts from our mind and relax our mind. Through regular practice, meditation removes anxiety and stress permanently. Besides that, it helps to increase working capacity of our mind and increase our productivity in our daily life.

Exercise of our mind: We do physical exercise to keep our body parts healthy and active. Similarly, we can do exercise of our mind by involving in creative ideas and activities that uses different parts of our brain and keeps our brain cells active and healthy.

Be social and maintain good relationship: Remain social and interactive with people around you in daily life. Share your feelings with your close family members/friends and maintain close bond with them. Sharing our love and care to other makes us happy.

Take inspiration and get motivated: Read about the life of great personality of past and take inspiration from their life. Every successful person passes through some difficult times in their life, and they overcome such situation with courage, wisdom and hard-work. Therefore, take lessons from their life on how to tackle with such challenging time and keep yourself motivated.

In conclusion, take care of your mind as you take care of your body. Healthy mind is key to good health, happiness and success in our life.

Last modified on 2020-08-07 16:16:15

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